Play Snakes & Ladders Online to Get De-stressed

Aren’t you all tired of our regular routine work? Don’t you need a break from our hectic schedule?

No worries, Snakes and Ladders, one of the popular board game is on the roll to unwind your mind. Moksha Patam in an ancient era and now named as Snakes & Ladders, is actually a much-loved classic board game. It’s a simple race game of sheer luck wherein your fortune is decided by the dice number, the number the dice lands on the immediate square that you move on the board.

Roll a 6 on the dice to begin the game. If you land at the bottom of the ladder, you climb up as a shortcut to rise ahead of your competitor, while, if you land at the head of the snake then you will have to slide back at the tail of the snake on the board- giving a chance to your competitor to win the game. The first player that reaches the highest space on the board, 100, wins the game. It is just fun to move as per the dice from the start to finish and supported or hindered by ladders or snakes respectively.

The game is counted as: a time pass for kids, a cause for social gathering, a family game to cherish the movement spent together and much more. This game proves to unwind our mind from today’s chaotic life or a stress-buster to get rid of busy schedule. But the advancement in the technology has replaced the indoor physical board game to an online game which is pretty swift to play with our handy mobile phones. You get to easily play with your friends and relatives online soon and the game becomes more exciting with more players. At times, we even get connected to a stranger to play a game who in turn becomes our friend at the end of the game. So, Snakes and Ladder is nothing but a game for social connects as well.

At times, even the stranger also gets attracted to play it with an unknown and soon becomes an ally. This in turn is nothing but a social connect. So this Snake & Ladders is an online board game and a platform to make friends across the globe which is one of the benefit of this online game.

Morever, Khatriji Gaming has come up with New Rules and Variations in this game mentioned below:
1. A coin based games that allows you to continue playing with any co-player for further gain.
2. Swift Game with an Extra Surprise received while playing.
3. Fun & Earn Combo Offer.
4. The twist here from rest of the Snakes & Ladders Game: You get to step back 5 numbers, if your are hit by other player. You even have the chance to climb up if there is a ladder after moving five steps back or fall down if there is a snake after you have stepped back.

So why wait for some other reasons to have fun, just ping into Khatriji Gaming to get distressed with our fun-loving online games.